HP NC360T Linux Config



Link Types: 10/100/1000 base-T, both full and half duplex
Connection: PCIe x4*
Power Consumption: 4.25W
RX Buffer: 4096kB
TX Buffer: 4096kB
IEEE Standards Support: 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.3ab, 802.3ad, 802.1p, 802.1Q
Supports TCP/IP Checksum and Segmentation Offloading
OS Support: Linux, Windows, BSD

The card is wired for PCIe x4, however the Intel 82571EB chipset supports PCIe x1 as well. It is possible to cut off the excess pins on the PCIe connector to make the card fit in an x1 slot.

Bonding Support

For Linux

The NC360T supports all types of link bonding but i used the ifenslave package under Linux.


HP does not offer support for the NC360T for systems running OSes other than Windows Server. However, despite being an HP product, the NC360T can use the Intel PRO/1000 PT adapter driver. This driver is continually updated by Intel and supports up to and including Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. This driver contains all the necessary functionality to bond the NIC into 1 of 5 different configurations.

Config i used for Linux Ubuntu 16.04. As all of my Desktops uses The HP NC360T in Round-Robin mode i used the same interfaces config on all of my Desktops.

/etc/network/interfaces requires the following edits.

First NIC
  auto eth0
  iface eth0 inet manual
          bond-master bond0
          pre-up /sbin/ip link set dev $IFACE mtu 9000
          post-up /sbin/ethtool -G $IFACE rx 4096
          post-up /sbin/ethtool -G $IFACE tx 4096
   Second NIC
  auto eth1
  iface eth1 inet manual
           bond-master bond0
           pre-up /sbin/ip link set dev $IFACE mtu 9000
           post-up /sbin/ethtool -G $IFACE rx 4096
           post-up /sbin/ethtool -G $IFACE tx 4096

Virtual NIC
   auto bond0
   iface bond0 inet dhcp
   #       address (IP Address goes here)
   #       netmask
   #       network IP address goes here)
   #       broadcast (IP Address goes here)
   #       gateway
   # dns-* options are implemented by the resolvconf package, if installed
   #       dns-nameservers 
   #       dns-search 
           bond-mode balance
           bond-slaves eth0 eth1
           pre-up /sbin/ip link set dev $IFACE mtu 9000
           pre-up /sbin/ip link set dev $IFACE address address for Ethernet device


This config will bond 2 NICs together into a round-robin bond using DHCP. The interfaces are permitted to use 9000bit jumbo frames. The links are checked for upness every 2 seconds. The TX and RX buffers on the network cards are allowed to be used fully, 4096kB each, per card.


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