Why I’ve left Apple & Switched to Android & Linux/Free Source Software.



Howdy folks,

A lot of you probably know why I’ve left Apple & the Hackintosh Community but last year i started having Battery Problems with my iPhone so i sent it to Apple as it had Apple Care, Apple sent me a new device which was fine but that iPhone had the same issue with the battery it was like a countdown timer from 100% to 50% then just power off this turned out to be on Apples side. I reported back to Apple and because Apple Care ran out i had to buy a new device which i was not doing because the the phone was in contract with EE. I spoke to EE the Contract Carrier they only offered me to pay the contract off which was £300 to end the contract then re-new the Contract which i paid off. EE then offered me the iPhone X and 7 for £100 a month with a upfront cost of £200 which i was not doing. A iPhone is not worth the money, the pricing of Apple and there devices is just ridiculous.

I decided to just get rid of the iPhone completely because there devices are not worth the money & for there software whether its iOS or macOS its just riddled with bugs. Apple are not what they use to be. So got rid of everything that is Apple from the iPhone, iPad to macOS on my machines & macbook.

I went out and bought myself a Android Phone which is a Samsung J5 2017 which is running Nouget version 7 it cost me around £249 Sim Only Phone i then switched to Network 3 which im paying £15 a month i get more data than i was getting with EE for £70 a month for the 6s. Its a huge difference. The Samsung Galaxy J5 is a better phone than the iPhone reason being your not being controlled like you are with Apple. You can even install Kodi or uTorrent on the Android which you cant do on the iPhone. One thing i can do with the Android phone is SSH into my Servers & pfSense Router which i couldnt do on the iPhone due to it being Locked Down. I like to SSH into my Server on a regular basics to monitor the ZFS Tank, because i use OpenVPN which allows me to access my Home network when im not at home the whole lot with OpenVPN in iOS sucks because you cant download the certificate from pfSense on the iPhone like you can with Android you have to sync the certificate via iTunes on a iOS device which is just dumb.

Recently upgraded my Server as you know it was running macOS Server but yet again it was very limiting to what you can do, the VPN in macOS sucks just like macOS itself. I moved my Server from macOS to FreeNAS which runs on FreeBSD, FreeNAS is Open Source its very reliable unlike macOS due to the bugs. When macOS Server was running i was having huge problems with Networking with Kodi or Linux most of the time it wasn’t stable the machine would just hang/lock up this is new in Sierra/High Sierra due to a Graphics Problem. In the end i couldn’t be bothered with Apple and there buggy Software. The Server which is now running FreeNAS has a LSI SAS Card along with a Quad Intel LAN Card which all ports are bonded together which gives 4gbps throughput.

I switched all of my machines which were running macOS to Linux Ubuntu, all machines have there own built kernels and modules which i built from bare. My main Desktop has a Dual LAN Intel HP NC630T which is also in bond mode so its 2gbps throughput which would never work in macOS. Even tho Ubuntu is Open Source its very stable unlike Apples Software. The backup Server is running Ubuntu with ZFS modules.

Over all switching from Apple to Open Source Software i.e Ubuntu is no longer limiting and very stable same goes for switching to Android i havent seen any bugs and it just works. I will not be going back to Apple, Apples pricing its just stupid and there software is just crap same goes with there Eco-System you have to do what Apple says and i was just getting annoyed with it. Its just a waste of money in reality your only paying for there crap Apple Logo.

The way forward is to just use Open Source & Android because you must be stupid to pay those prices for Apple Devices.

Overall im happy with the switch to Open Source & Android i will no longer bother with Apple.