New Desk & Hackintosh

So for awhile im wanting a new desk as my old desk was falling apart old desk was chipboard well we all know that chipboard furniture doesn’t last right? So I decided to buy a Corona Wood Pine Desk it matches my Corona TV Unit so makes more sense to have matching furniture. Ive also switched to a Mini ITX Motherboard H77N-WIFI its a very nice board I paired the ITX board with a Bitfenix Prodigy ITX Case. The new Desk cost me £115 from Mercers Furniture. It took me a few hours to build up the desk as it came flatpack I made the desk more solid by using Wood Glue as I spent a lot of money on the new desk decided to do a proper job. With this desk its big enough to fit 3x 24inch monitors or 2 27inch monitors. Ive also switched down to 2 monitors and sold my GTX760 now using onboard iGPU HD4000 with 2 24inch monitors but planning on changing the monitors to a 27inch monitor not decided which monitor to go with yet but im thinking of a 27inch Dell monitor. Ive also been creative and hidden the Cables which makes it look a lot better.

Anyway enough of my rambling here are some pictures. Enjoy.























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