Zgemma Star H.2S Free to Air Satellite Receiver Blog.


So recently I’ve been having a hard time with watching Free To Air Satellite TV. Free to Air Satellite TV is free channels from the satellite which uses Astra 28.2°E and broadcasted by Astra communications in Luxembourg which provides UK and Ireland with Satellite TV. Sky and Freesat uses the same satellite and uses the same transponders. The last few years i have been using a HTPC/PVR using Windows Media Centre in Windows 7 but since Microsoft moving guide providers back in 2015 it didn’t work out quite well so i moved to Linux. MythBuntu is the distro i used however it is quite finicky not just having the issue with getting the DVBSky S952 working in Linux but the hole Backend and Frontend is kinda troublesome when i did get it working i was encountering problems with low frames when watching Live TV although recorded TV worked fine not sure if that was a problem with the encoder or maybe the satellite card which worked good in MCE. So after many hours of googling and researching for a decent box i decided to purchase a Zgemma Star H.2S only because buying a genuine a Freesat box from Freesat themselves is pretty pricey. The Zgemma Star H.2S which is also a linux based Free to Air Satellite Box. The H2S comes with OpenATV stock which supports Open EPG, customisable skins, Firmware Flashing, Networking sharing etc. I knew that i was sacrificing a few things when moving from the custom build HTPC but decided to go with the H2.S after. When i got the H.2S the OpenATV was pretty much barebones no skins etc so i wanted to do some customising of course i came across a website called http://www.techkings.org which has information for pretty much everything on these Zgemma boxes. I came across a post about Wooshbuild which is a customised version of OpenATV it comes with a few skins let me put it this way it looks like a Sky GUI. I flashed with various versions. I first flashed with OpenVIX but wasn’t very happy with it so i decided to go with Wooshbuild v5 in the end. Im using the Sky theme which looks pretty nice. A lot of people uses CCcam which is a C Line which allows you to have Sky Channels without a subscription which i don’t recommend doing but this version of Wooshbuild is really for people who want to have Sky  channels with the box. So far I’ve set the box up for watching live TV, Recordings to a USB External Hard Drive which I’ve rigged up I’ve also set up playing movies from my NAS/Hackintosh which works pretty well DLNA seems to work well with OS X. The one thing i am pretty impressed with is that the Zgemma box can be used as a Frontend over the network meaning that you can setup enigma2 Client (Plugin) in Kodi on a Raspberry Pi or on Mac or Windows or Linux which works pretty well i am planning on getting a Raspberry Pi anyway but i have tested out the Enigma2 Client (Plugin) on my hackintosh matter of a fact on my MacBook also and it does indeed work. Its been a fun project. Anyway enough of my rambling on. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.









3 thoughts on “Zgemma Star H.2S Free to Air Satellite Receiver Blog.

  1. I could really do with someone explain how set up the zgemma h2s in plain simple language, as I am not that technically minded (but not thick), according to the user manual, on start up there should be a wizard to help set up, but it opens up with the Open ATV screen and appears to be set on the Indian SUN TV channel, anyone willing to help.
    Regards Mary


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